Sing it out, sing it to the world

Lindsey Bross is a senior who is dedicated to her voice and has come to be known throughout LB for her talent in singing. She spends a majority of her day in music classes ranging from Music Sampler, Film Study, Advanced Women’s Chorus and Advanced Mixed Chorus.


“I used to sing when I was a kid because that’s what every kid does,” Bross said, “ I started getting serious about it when I was in seventh grade and saw the Phantom of the Opera.”


The Phantom of the Opera, originally a novel by Gaston Leroux, has become famous in several musicals and films. Although, it is not an opera, Bross said it was the inspiration for her to begin working her voice and furthering her training.


“I’ve mainly done some choir stuff,” Bross said, “and I went to Interlochen over the summer for the past two years.”


Interlochen is a summer program in creative writing, dance, music theater, media and the visual arts. Within the vocal artist division for one of Interlochen’s six week summer camp, students take private vocal lessons, music theory lessons and music history lessons.


“ My first year at camp I went to warm-up and I could hear everyone since the walls weren’t soundproof,” Bross said, “and my first thought was that I wasn’t good enough, but I just got through it.”


In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in vocal ensembles with the World Youth Honors Choir or the Interlochen Singers.


“First, I’ve done HMS Pinafore,” Bross said, “and then the second time, I did just a collection of opera scenes.”


As for her vocal scale, Bross is a soprano and can hit from the G below middle C to a F or G above high C.


“I have perfect pitch and intonation,” Bross said.


Perfect pitch is rare ability for a singer to be able to recreate a note without having the note being played. Intonation is the ability to recognize the pitch accuracy of an instrument.


“I have trouble with projection and figuring out how to pace myself while practicing,” Bross said.


Despite, her weaknesses, Bross has become popular for her vocal virtuosity, and she remains inspired from her vocal history and her pieces as well.


“[I get my inspiration] from whatever piece I’m doing,” Bross said, “but I also remember my time at music camp and the inspiration that it gave me.”


Bross has auditioned for James Madison’s School of Music where she hopes to complete her undergraduate degree in music education.


“My role model is Renée Fleming who sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl,” Bross said, “as well as my music teacher. He always makes me try my best. He’s inspiring. He got me into the music teacher idea, and he’s just a great music teacher in general.”


From there, she plans on gaining performance experience to see music from both ends, as a teacher and a performer.