Bruins avenge last year’s playoff loss to Westfield


Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye. With 1:40 left in fourth quarter, the LB Hype Squad was already calling for the end of the game. As the final whistle blew, the student section stormed the field as it celebrated the football team’s 36-23 win over Westfield High School.

In the highly anticipated, WUSA9 game of the week, both Lake Braddock and Westfield brought their A-games as they battled it out under the Friday night lights.

The first half of the game was a high scoring, intensely offensive battle. There was a constant back-and-forth nature to the half as neither team let the other get up by more than one touchdown. With three seconds left in the half, Westfield kicked a field goal to put them up 23-21.

The second half of the game consisted of a more defensive style of play in which neither team scored in the third quarter. Then, with a will that could not be stifled, the Bruins rallied on the defensive end, forcing a fumble and taking control of the ball on Westfield’s 42-yard line. Following this rapid turn of events, junior quarterback Kyle Edwards drove the team downfield in a drive that consisted of 32 rushing yards on his behalf and was capped off with a 10-yard touchdown pass to sophomore running back Ibrahim Mansary to take the lead 27-23.

After a two-point conversion and a second consecutive touchdown, the Bruins intercepted the ball one last time and comfortably took a knee in the remaining minute of the game, not giving up a single point to Westfield in the second half. With a convincing win like this, the Bruins look to build momentum and continue the pursuit for the playoffs.