Looking to the summer, students prepare for beach week



As seniors come close to the halfway mark of the first semester, another load of stress adds on to their wagon already filled with college applications and school work: beach week. Beach week, one of the senior traditions celebrated at the end of the year, bringing excitement and yet an immense amount of stress as phones begin flooding with group messages. 

“My friends and I had the perfect house,” senior Karina Kolb said, “but it turns out that the owners already gave the house to someone else on that week so now we have to scramble to find another house in the same area with enough rooms for the people going.”

 Beach week comes with a lot of planning such as finding and renting a beach house, forming a group and managing finances. Many groups make reservations for houses during the same time so seniors need to start planning as soon as possible to get the best prices and qualities. However, because students are usually the ones to rent the houses, there are only a limited amount they can choose from.

 “The only houses that 18 year olds can rent are really low quality so if I could do it over, I’d avoid those,” former senior Christine Kim said.

 Because prices for houses can get to as high as $3000 and aren’t worth the cost, Kim said that renting hotel rooms rather than houses “is a really good idea because they’re nice and can be cheaper.”

 Due to these high prices, most students make a group with a large number of people to cut the cost for each person. However, others prefer the small environment.

 Class of 2014 graduate Hasini Bandara chose to go to beach week with a couple of her close friends because it “made it more personal and the aspect of a shared experience made us ten times closer by the end of the week,” she said.

 “I went to a lake house with 10 other graduates,” Bandara said. “It was great because we are all really close friends, and it was so much easier in terms of cooking and hanging out.”

 Whether in a large or small group, ending the final year of high school with friends makes the week spent with each other cherishable.

“It’s a time to hang out with your high school friends, one last time before each person goes their separate ways, different colleges, etc.,” Kolb said. “I hope it is a lot of fun and everyone enjoys their one last time with each other.”