Brick Walkway lays down new path for LB


Photo by Amanda Hendrix

The new brick walkway will become a staple of student life at LB.

In the summer of 2013, construction began on the Lake Braddock Turf Field Project, costing an estimated $1.2 to $1.4 million, which was needed to build two turf fields at LB.
As a way to raise money for the project, the Lake Braddock Athletic Booster Club (LBABC) held a fundraiser in which participants could purchase personalized bricks, which are now installed in front of the home concession stand.

“I think [the brick project] was a good idea because it helped upgrade the stadium and create a better experience for fans,” junior Matthew Lipovski said.

During the fundraiser, more than 160 bricks were donated. A wide range of messages were engraved from families and sports teams, local businesses and commemorations of former alumni, and so on. During this past summer, the bricks were installed in front of the home-side concession stand.

“I think it was a great idea because everyone likes to think they’ll leave a legacy after they graduate,” senior Madison Shock said, “so letting them put their name on Lake Braddock permanently is the best possible way to raise money and students get what they want.”

During the original campaign for the bricks, the final project was promised to be a brick wall, made of all the donor bricks with the names engraved onto them. Now that the fundraiser has finished and the bricks have been installed, many students are questioning why there is no wall.

“I was under the impression that it was going to be a huge brick wall,” Shock said, “so I was kind of let down when I saw that people would be walking all over in.”

Along with installing the turf field, some of the money was used to improve the stadium. One thing that was improved was the home side concession stand, shich was paved with asphalt. this left an empty patch of gravel in between the brand new paved walkway and the handicap accessible ramp, and the Booster Club decided this would be the perfect spot for the bricks.

“When we looked at what we had to work with,” Activities director Mark Martino said, “we believed that a walkway would be a better way to remember students, teachers, and alumni. It is also right in the middle of a spot where a lot of people are during home games.”

Many people have seen the new walkway and believe it is a great addition.

“I think it turned out great,” Martino said. “Mr. Thomas has seen it as well and thinks it looks great as well.”