Georgetown and M Street


photo by Marcell Subert

Cars line the cobblestone streets of Georgetown.

As Friday night rolls around, the quaint neighborhood along M street, known as Georgetown, comes alive with a plethora of young diners and shoppers. Situated between the neighborhoods of Foxhall and Foggy Bottom, this hub of weekend entertainment is a stone’s throw from our nation’s capital. Most of the high-end retail stores and restaurants are located on the nine-block stretch of M street before Rock Creek Parkway, with the action continuing up Wisconsin Avenue.

As the sun sets, a tide of people come rolling in, and the narrow sidewalk along M becomes a congested human highway. In the evenings, the restaurants of the neighborhood take the spotlight as the main attraction. This area offers everything from upscale oyster bars to common chain restaurants like Johnny Rockets and Five Guys, along with plenty of opportunities to indulge in a large array of certain ethnic foods at multiple fine establishments nearby.

If one has the funds and appreciates a good view, then the waterfront is the dining area of choice. Sandwiched between 30th and 31st streets, the Georgetown Waterfront is home to many high-end restaurants such as Fiola Mare and Farmers Fishers Bakers. A post-dinner stroll can also be completed at an adjacent Georgetown Waterfront Park, which gives a wonderful view of the Potomac River in a modern setting following a recent 2011 renovation.

If an expensive dinner wasn’t enough, Georgetown boasts numerous flagship stores and boutiques that are sure to impress any fashionista.

Despite the periodic invasion of people looking to unwind after the long week on weekend nights, Georgetown is home to many of the DC elite. According to Trulia, the average sales price of a home in this neighborhood is upwards of $1.4 million. Houses in this area are generally narrow, but extend far out into hidden backdoor lawns and lavish gardens.

If one is looking for a little adventure a bit outside of Georgetown, the Glover Park neighborhood a few blocks up on Wisconsin Avenue provides a quiet escape. Unlike the hustle of M Street, the quiet neighborhoods surrounding the small nature reserve of Glover Park gives a serene outlook on the area. Every weekend, there is even a small farm/flea market in front of the Corcoran College of Art and Design, which faces Wisconsin Avenue.

Whether one is looking for a place to relax on a Saturday morning or for somewhere to grab dinner with friends or family while shopping extensively, Georgetown and Glover Park are the places to be.