Police identify student responsible for LB bomb threat

This Monday, April 20, principal Dave Thomas announced to teachers and parents of students that the person behind the March 23 bomb threat had been apprehended.

This person, a teenage student attending Johnson Alternative School in Tennessee, was arrested on state terrorism charges for sending bomb threats to 16 different schools in three different states. The student attempted to “mask his electronic footprint,” according to Enterprise News, and caused the investigation to drag on much longer than it should have.

“This threat took up substantial time and resources,” Tony Majors, chief support services officer for Metro Nashville Public Schools said, according to Tenessean News. “This instance goes to show that if you make threats like these you are going to be federally and locally charged.”

Police stated that the search had been a priority for them and the FBI in the last month.

Though the email that was sent to Lake Braddock was impersonal in nature, the student named faculty members and sent some very specific threats to certain schools.

Some of the emails included statements such as “… since I’m such a nice person I decided to take the time to inform you before the destruction of the school takes place.”

The student also claimed to have been bullied at school.

“We plan to kill as many people as we can… Some students will even have a hydrogen bomb in their backpack, some will have shotguns and assault rifles. We will have three people in the woods around the school scouting for targets,” read the letter sent to Brockton High School in Tennessee.

Bomb threats are not light issues, and make a large impact on law enforcement agencies.

“There is a definitive impact on draining public safety resources when you have bomb threats or threats of violence to schools,” Kieran Ramsey, FBI Boston Assistant Special Agent, said. “We are not going to stand idly by.”

Police have not to revealed the identity of the teen because he is underage.