New 2015 Battalion Commander Officer in the JROTC program named

Starting next school year, junior Augene Lee will hold the highest position in JROTC and is ready to take charge of crew as well


Photo courtesy of Augene Lee

Along with being BC next year, Lee now also will be one of the captains of the crew team and hopes to take his team far next year.

The selection for battalion commander in the Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program is one not taken lightly. The cadet chosen for this position must demonstrate leadership, apply sense and judgement in solving problems that can affect the Bruin Battalion, and they must be a leader and role model who is willing to accept responsibility and supervise the other cadets in the program. Junior Augene Lee has been selected to become the next battalion commander (BC) for the 2015-2016 school year after spending three years in the program and the Bruin Battalion.

“I am where I am today in JROTC because of my dedication throughout the years in the program,” Lee said. “Dedication is all you need to move up in the world in my opinion.”

As BC, Lee will have overall control and supervision of the Battalion, approve all job assignments and/or relief from job assignments, approve promotions and demotions for grades above staff sergeant, etc.

“Having the title of battalion commander carries a lot of weight,” Lee said. “You are the face of the battalion, the figurehead of the program. Everything the battalion does, how the battalion performs, and how the battalion portrays itself is all a reflection of the BC. It definitely requires a lot of responsibility on the individual.”

During his freshman and sophomore year, Lee was able to become squad leader. Squad leaders are responsible for forming the platoon in the absence of the platoon sergeant (first squad leader), responsible for the discipline, appearance and accountability of cadets in their squad, etc.

“Next year I hope to give squad leaders more recognition,” Lee said. “If there is one negative aspect of being BC compared to the other positions, it’s that I’m last to eat in the pizza lines.”

This year as a junior, he became company executive officer. Along with this new position, he will also be taking the role as the new captain for LB’s boys varsity crew. As company executive officer, Lee assumes the command of the company in the absence of the company commander, recommends job assignments and/or relief of position, etc. With his leadership experience, he only hopes to further excel in the program as BC.

“Since I was chosen for this position, it is my honor and privilege to do whatever I can to support this program,” Lee said. “If I slack off, the program falls apart. If I work hard for every cadet, the program will hopefully be phenomenal.”

The interview process to get the position for BC is taken into consideration as soon as a cadet enters the program to see if they are a potential candidate. A panel of high student JROTC officers in a board decide whether to allow those applying to further continue the process of landing the position.

“Usually we had Colonel Lomax, Sergeant Wiles, Principal Thomas, Dr. Copeland and Ms. Hampton sit in the board last school year,” said Lee. “This year, however, it was different. I had student officers interview me for the position.”

The upperclassmen in the program, who are now seniors preparing to graduate, were all part of the original class that started the JROTC program several years ago and shaped the Bruin Battalion the cadets experience today, Lee said.

“As a cadet, I looked up to my upperclassmen in the program,” Lee said. “I know I can never live up to the past commanders, but I know I can live up to their ideals and what they wanted for the program. They all have influenced my way and outlook of life.”

As stated on the school’s websites description of the elective, the JROTC program’s mission for their students to help develop better citizens by building skills in leadership, citizenship, life success, and wellness in a structured, interactive environment. Lee hopes to do just that during the next school year as BC.

“Through dedication and hard work, the program and alumnus are able to say they are the best in the state with pride,” Lee said. “I would like to continue to do that next year, and hopefully have the program continue to do it as the years go by. As future battalion commander, I hope to take all the past commanders ideals and implement them for next year to make the program even better.”