Dr. Copeland departs for Westfield

LB says goodbye to subschool five principal Dr. Copeland

photo from Lake Braddock website


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Yesterday, it was announced that subschool 5 principal Dr. Anthony “Tony” Copeland has relocated from LB to Westfield High School where he will be principal. Copeland has worked as a subschool principal at Lake Braddock for the last four years and officially took over the position at Westfield on September 10th.

“His warmth and his personality and his presence in the hallway connecting with students [will be missed],” assistant principal Debbie Strayhorn said.

Copeland was often out walking around the LB lunchroom, chatting with students, getting to know people and creating bonds with the student body. Without fail he could be seen at school events, both cheering on the Bruins and keeping the student section under control at the same time. He had a never-ceasing drive to be involved with school activities, even if that took time out of his own life.

“He was strong when he needed to be strong, and he was kind when he needed to be kind,” subschool 5 administrative assistant Connie Ryals said. “He was firm and fair, and [Westfield] is lucky to have him…[The school is going to lose] his leadership and his knowledge; he was well rounded, and a great principal.”

Staff and students wish him well in his new position.

“Personally I’m very sad,” Strayhorn said. “He is a good friend and colleague, and I’m going to miss him. But on the other side I’m really happy for him. It’s a great promotion, and I know he will do great at Westfield.”

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