After season ending injury, Jet Ryan gets a much needed boost


Saengeeta Ryan



In the first round of playoffs against the Woodson Cavaliers, one of the hardest-working members of the football team went down, and tragically his season ended in a split second. He knew, immediately after being hit from behind, that it was the last down of LB football he’d play, but his team, family, and coaches showed their love and support for senior Jet Ryan shortly after his injury.

This life-changing injury occurred in the blink of an eye, but Ryan remembers the details of how it happened and the teammates who were by his side throughout the play.

“Peyton and I were coming off the edge to block the kick,” senior Ryan said. “Peyton dove and swatted the kick, and I was on the opposite edge and saw the ball rolling around, and as I scooped the ball up to run for the touchdown, I planted my foot, and at that moment one of the Woodson players dove on my back forcing my leg down and twisting it, snapping my femur in half.”

While this gruesome injury took Ryan off the field and immediately to the hospital, he wasn’t alone for long. The team planned a visit two days later and found a way to cram 40 guys into a small hospital room, but Ryan was thankful none the less.

“I’m glad they all came through, I mean they have always been like family to me, pushing me to my limits and making me a better athlete and football player,” Ryan said, “and seeing them all together, 40-plus people in the same small hospital room was pretty crazy, but showed that they cared.”

With the chaos of playoffs in full swing, the football coaches’ plates are full, but each of them found a way to reach out to Ryan during this first week after the injury.

“The people I want to thank the most are the four coaches that showed up. Coach [Poythress] can always make something serious into something funny and Price was there for me the night after helping me at the hospital,” Ryan said. “Coach Morgan was there pretty much from the moment I fell down… And lastly Coach Matt for coming and hanging out with me for hours straight.”

Ryan’s teammates were emotional on the sideline as Ryan was being attended to.

“It was emotional. On the field there were lots of people crying, I mean I cried,” said senior David Hibner, who was injured earlier in the season. “It just brought back memories from West Potomac. Especially once they put him on the stretcher, I knew what it felt like.”

Now the team has one more thing to fight for.

“Everyone was close knit, but this really brought people together,” Hibner said. “Now everyone wants to do it for Jet because he’s not gonna be able to come back and do it.”

Going into tonight’s playoff game against Battlefield, Ryan sends some words of wisdom to his teammates.

“Play every day like it’s your last,” he said, “because that was my last down whether I like it or not.”

Ryan was released from the hospital earlier today, and will attend the game tonight