Okrah finds home at LB

Being coerced into an arranged marriage with a man you don’t like, only to fall in love with him later sounds a bit like a Bollywood drama, but for custodian Georgina Okrah, it’s one line in her biography.

Born and raised in Ghana, Okrah has a lot to miss about her home.

“I miss the original stars, they seem fake here, foolish,” Okrah said. “Everything there is organic and fresh. There were no fridges or freezers, I miss that.”

Fufu, her favorite food, is an ancient African dish that is a thick paste usually made by boiling starchy root vegetables, is another thing she misses about Ghana.

With five children, Okrah has a large family of her own, yet despite that they remain very close.

She did, however, have to leave part of her family behind when she came to America. Missing them all very deeply, they all find ways to speak on the phone everyday. She especially misses her sister in London.

With all five of her children proud college graduates, half of Okrah’s wishes for her children have come true.

“I wanted to get good jobs with good jobs,” Okrah said. “But they all finished college, so now I wish them good health and good attitude.”

As a self proclaimed shopaholic, Okrah loves shopping for clothes and shoes, particularly shoes.

“Most of my closet is shoes,” Okrah said.

After working at LB for years, the thing Okrah dislikes most about her job is when she see’s kids fight.

“I don’t like it when kids bully each other,” Okrah said.

Conversely, the funniest thing that happens while on the job is when kids lie to her.

“I know that this is your food and that you won’t pick it up,” Okrah said, laughing. “Why are you lying?”

Students picking up after themselves is something Okrah heavily stresses upon.

“Why can’t you pick up your own trash?” Okrah said.