As winter storms approach, #closeFCPS makes its comeback

January 19, 2016

FullSizeRender“CloseFCPS season” is approaching quickly.

Winter has a new meaning for the students of LB. Last year, January 6, 2015 marked a monumental moment in FCPS history. The school district refused to close for a snow day, and the students refused to be quiet about it.

#closeFCPS trended globally on Twitter. Students, parents, and teachers shared their opinion on the denied closing. People from across the globe responded as well.

The denied closing did not have the effect that it intended. Many struggled to make their way to the school.

“It was super quiet,” said Becca Doran, a sophomore who regularly walks to school. “There were no cars [on the road] so I didn’t know where the sidewalk was. I was walking on the road, and I didn’t even know it.”

In contrast to Doran’s experience, Bob Digby, a Physical Education and Driver’s Education teacher, had difficulty arriving at school, and his experience was far from quiet.

“I took a road that I normally take in my truck,” Digby said. “There was snow on the road so I was driving slowly. [I] lost control of the car, smashed it into the side of a hill, and did $3,000 dollars worth of damage to my truck.”

Although fellow faculty member Kathy D’Elosua made it to the school safely and in a timely manner, she can recall the terrible driving conditions.

“I wasn’t one of the late teachers because I don’t live that far away,” D’Elosua said. “But, it was treacherous getting here. Lots of accidents. Super slippery. Lots of stuff in the roads.”

Those dangerous driving conditions ultimately led to a large percentage of students and staff arriving late to school.

“At one point, there actually had to be an announcement on the loud speaker stating that ‘if your colleagues are not present, and you don’t have a first period, please help watch over their classes,’” junior Shannon Browning said.

Many can agree that the day was a waste. A lack of teachers led to a lack of learning.

“Of course, last year was the year of snow days, but I’m sure one more couldn’t have hurt,” said Browning.

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