(courtesy of nvcc.edu)

courtesy of nvcc.edu

LB junior expands horizons at NOVA

February 9, 2016

As he makes his way across the Northern Virginia Community College campus in the premature darkness, junior Jon Grabski prepares for the upcoming lecture that will occupy the rest of his evening. Grabski has been taking two classes at NOVA in lieu of courses here at LB since his sophomore year.

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According to the NOVA dean, he is the youngest student to have ever attended the community college, beginning his first semester there just before his 15th birthday, Grabski said.

“This semester I’m taking history and psychology,” Grabski said. “I get college and high school credit for it, which is a nice little bonus.”

Despite not earning an extra point on his weighted GPA, as he would with an AP class, Grabski said that he prefers taking classes at NOVA versus AP classes at LB.

“AP classes have a lot of busy work that I don’t find necessary,” Grabski said. “I can generally just memorize things instead of having to write them down a thousand times.”

Logistically, attending NOVA on a daily basis can be a daunting task, especially for Grabski who does not possess a driver’s license. Despite his off-campus waiver for periods one and seven, Grabski attends classes at NOVA at 6pm, and uses his off periods to garner some much-needed rest after the rigors of the night before.

“It’s really hard trying to get rides there and rides back,” Grabski said. “I get home at either 7:15 or 9, so there are some late nights.”

The classes that Grabski takes at NOVA can collectively earn him an associate’s degree by the time he graduates from high school. This completion of basic college courses can also give Grabski the freedom to pursue his ambitions of earning a degree in the scientific field much sooner than if he had opted to take AP classes at LB.  

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  1. Barbara Grabski on February 13th, 2016 8:21 pm

    I am so glad you pursed your goal to take the courses at NOVA. I know you will continue to work hard and obtain the education you need for your future goals. You have a positive outlook and great work skills with a personality to match.

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