(by Gregg Zelkin )

by Gregg Zelkin

LB senior athletes officially sign commitments to play in college

February 21, 2016

After months or even years of waiting, some anxious members of the class of 2016 got to make their dreams come true early this month. A handful of students who have been committed to play a sport in college got to make it official by signing their National Letter of Intent. A few students signed on National Signing Day (Feb. 3) and a few signed earlier this year, either in November or December. This signing means that their commitment is no longer verbal, but rather a written agreement.

For athletes all over the country, Signing Day marked an exciting milestone in their life because seeing their name on that paper gave them a feeling they won’t forget. The signing shows that all their time and dedication was worth something.

“It meant a lot because it was the reward for all the hard work I have put in throughout my career,” senior Logan Driscoll, George Mason baseball signee said. “It was very satisfying and fulfilling to have finally gotten to make my commitment official.”

Senior Nico Quashie, a Virginia Tech soccer commit, knows that this is just the beginning of his future as a soccer player.

“It felt like this is it. This is where I’m going. No looking back,” Quashie said. “Now I just have to work even harder to be ready for college soccer.”

To some of these athletes, their sport has done more for them than keep them in shape and take up their weekends.

“It meant a lot. It felt like all my 18 years of life playing soccer has helped me in life,” Quashie said. “It is a big step in my future in going to play soccer at a great high level college and getting my education at a great college. I’ve worked hard to balance school and soccer over the years, and now I get to further both at a high level.”

When athletes credit others for their success, certain people are usually the first to come to mind.

“My parents as a whole have put me in the best situation to succeed,” Driscoll said. “They were just as committed to my desires as I was, if not more.”

Because parents can’t exactly push us on the field, senior Caroline Jones, a Villanova softball commit, acknowledges her teammates on her Signing Day.

“I have met some amazing friends through this sport who make softball fun and they push me everyday at practice,” Jones said. “I’m really lucky to get to play, both in high school and travel, with such talented teammates.”

While these figures are often overlooked in an athlete’s time of triumph, senior Jennifer Brunson, a VMI track commit, recognized her coach on her big day.

“Digby is the one who got it all together,” Brunson said. “The coach personally went up to him, and he made everything possible.”

Hopefully while our future athletes are out doing what they love, they’ll remember the day they made it all official.

“It was everything I thought it was gonna be,” Jones said. “I wouldn’t change anything about it.”


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