Supervising the building

As building supervisor, Guery Cespedes is in charge of the cleaning, maintenance and operation of LB.


by Aya Khaznadar

For most, a challenge is something to steer away from. For building supervisor Guery Cespedes, however, it is an invitation. With the condition of the building as a source of pride for him, Cespedes tackles everything from large leaks to summer school mayhem head-on and full-heartedly.

“The reason why I decided to work at Lake Braddock was because when I came here for training, I saw that many projects would have to happen,” Cespedes said. “I knew if I came here I could get a lot done.”

Coincidence or not, there was an opening for the job and he applied. After receiving the job, he has the responsibility of supervising and participating in the cleaning, maintenance, operation and security activities for Lake Braddock.

“You can see the results of my work,” Cespedes said. “I get a lot of compliments; I can easily say this is the cleanest school in the county.”

Going as far as trying to learn a little bit of the languages of his co-workers, Ghanian an example of a foreign language he has tried to learn, Cespedes believes strongly in cooperation within the workplace and human relations.

Cespedes has an overall positive opinion about the LB student body.

“To be honest I don’t have much to say. Compared to where I used to work where the kids used to fool around and clog the toilet, the kids here are well behaved,” Cespedes said.

Originally from Bolivia, Cespedes met his wife when he went to visit a friend a long time ago there. He is a proud father of three and enjoys singing and playing music in his free time. He is well versed with the saxophone and guitar, and his youngest son sometimes joins him in singing.

Just a few steps away from his own retirement, Cespedes’s biggest dream is for his youngest son to follow the footsteps of his older siblings and go to college.