Bienvenidos from Mexico

Bienvenidos from Mexico

courtesy of the Wolf Family

Many students were sad to see their favorite teacher couple move 2400 miles away in the summer of 2014, yet happy to know that great opportunities were on the way. Since then,  Brandon Wolf, a former sports marketing teacher, and Laura Wolf, a former AP U.S. History and U.S. History Honors teacher, have embarked on a new journey. And just recently, they’ve been joined by a new baby Wolf. They’ve spent the last year teaching at a private school in Mexico City while also adjusting to the many differences in culture and lifestyle, made evident by their new coworkers, friends, and students.

The Wolfs may never realize the impact that they had on the Lake Braddock community, and even since they left, they’ve found a way to impact students’ lives from thousands of miles away.

“The marketing team definitely isn’t the same without him,” senior Bianca Franco said. “But he’s still so present in his student’s lives so it’s kind of like he never left,”

The Wolfs mere presence helped some students make it through their daily struggles, and the move affected these students more than they know.

“I had grown really close with Brandon Wolf throughout the year and went to him for advice daily,” senior Mallory Niehoff said. “I couldn’t imagine going through the rest of high school without him.”

Regardless of the students’ pleas to stay in Virginia, the Wolfs took this opportunity and made an adventure out of it. They immediately noticed different cultural norms, especially the Mexicans form of greeting.

“The kissing on the cheek, the way they greet each other, that was really strange. Especially when your students started doing it,” Laura Wolf said.

“Even though it took some getting used to, they found that they connected to the students just like they did in the states.”

“Once you connect with them, they’re great. They’re like every other kid in the world,” Brandon Wolf said. “They like seeing you every day and engaging and talking to you, then they come to class and they’re excited to be there.”

Not only is the food and first language different, but the Mexican mentality about time is new to the Wolfs as well.

“Spanish culture in general definitely looks backwards, it cares more about right now and

everything that’s happened,” Brandon Wolf said. “American culture is definitely what’s happened and forward.”

Possibly the newest and most exciting part of their adventure began on May 19, with the arrival of Quinn Arlette Wolf.

“It’s pretty amazing looking at your kid. I’ve always loved babies, but there’s something different about it being your kid,” Laura Wolf said. “It’s just one of those things where like, she is us. She exists because of us and it kind of blows my mind every day.”

Everything they did began to revolve around the newest addition to the Wolf pack. But it’s all worth it, as Laura Wolf said, because of the love that she and Brandon Wolf have for their new born.

“They don’t have to earn it or anything, you’re just immensely proud of this tiny human being that can’t do anything for itself.” Laura Wolf said. “It’s such an instantaneous love.”

While the Wolfs are busy teaching and taking care of Quinn, they find that the Lake Braddock community still holds a place in their heart.

“We talk about everybody probably every day. The students we had, the teachers we worked with, I even tell stories about Lake Braddock still.” Laura Wolf said, “We chose to do it, so you try to make the most of it and know those people will still be there.”

The students and faculty at Lake Braddock could never forget the impact that this couple had during their time here, and many of them will continue to be inspired by this couple, regardless of the distance between them.

“They’re the type of teachers that actually connected with their students and always knew what to say,” senior Vicky Nguyen said. “There’s a reason they’re LB’s power couple, because they’re such great people.”