Setting the stage to perfection

One of LBT’s executive board members Kyle Dannahey keeps the lights on as one of theatre’s head electricians

Setting the stage to perfection

Courtesy of Kyle Dannahey

Senior Kyle Dannahey, one of theater’s executive board members, is in a way the captain of the theater department. Anyone who wants to use the theater has to go through Kyle, regardless of how or when they plan to use the space. It’s quite a workload for the master electrician, but the eight years of experience under his belt help him out.

“I’m in charge of all the lighting and sound for all three of our theaters,” Dannahey said. “When there are band concerts in there I’m in charge of making sure they have what they need.”

Considering all the different people who use the theater for all their different reasons, it’s not hard to imagine how complicated and stressful his job can be.

“I have to make sure they have a technician there and available,” Dannahey said. “Everyone who goes through theater goes through me at one point, so tracking down random teachers who have assemblies and talking to so many people can be tough.”

While Dannahey deals with his often hectic job, the people around him remind him why he loves being a part of this program.

“The community aspect of it, it’s a really tight knit group.” Dannahey said, “A lot of people in theater sort of don’t fit in anywhere else in the school, and that kind of brings people together, people have that uniqueness.”

When most people think of this department’s productions, they think of the actor or actress in the spotlight dancing or singing on the stage, collecting the entirety of the audience’s attention. Kyle’s everyday experience in theater is completely different, but in it’s own way, satisfying.

“You have to live with people not really knowing what you do, and living without recognition.” Dannahey said. “But it’s really rewarding to be able to see everything that’s on stage, and knowing you had a hand in it.”

Dannahey is hoping that his many years of commitment towards this department both in elementary and high school will pay off, as he aims to pursue it in the future.

“I plan to go to University of North Carolina School of the Arts to get a BFA in theater production with a concentration in stage management.” Dannahey said, “And then go stage manage hopefully in New York or on tours around the country.”