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Lake Braddock has a large proportion of liberal leaning students. Especially in this political climate, tension can arise between students who are liberal and those who are conservative. In response to this pressure, Emma Marcois created the Young Conservatives Club, a new club to Lake Braddock and a place for conservative students to feel included and represented.

“The purpose of the club is to provide a place of unity and solidarity for kids who don’t feel represented by the voice of Lake Braddock,” senior Emma Marcois said.

Club sponsor Mark Purdy, an algebra teacher echoed this statement.

“I believe the primary focus of this club is for students who are conservatives will have a location to meet and discuss ideas and issues on a conservative level,” he said.

While it has a political name, the club does not have a political aim.

“We’re going to focus on service projects,” Marcois said. “We’re thinking of doing a project for Veterans Day. We are looking to find service projects in the community. We are looking at things like help for Syrian refugees, food drives, and blankets for the homeless.”

The club leaders are thinking long term.

“I’m hoping we elect an underclassman as the VP, so that the club will have strong leadership next year,” Marcois said. “Based off the interest meeting, I think we’ll hopefully have around 20 members. I want to keep them for next year.”

This interest is important for the long term retention of the club.

“This club will remain active as long as there are students willing to run it,” Purdy said.

There is tension between opposing political views, especially in light of the presidential race. The Young Conservatives don’t want to encourage this.

“We want to represent young conservatives in a positive light,” Marcois said. “We’re not angry, and we’re still people. Hopefully we can lower the gap between liberals and conservatives, not start political protests.”

Despite the current political climate, both Purdy and Marcois said they don’t have any plans specifically regarding the presidential election.

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