A Pointless Protest

On November 8th, Donald Trump pulled off a political upset of historic proportions. The media had left him for dead, with almost every major news outlet projecting that Hillary Clinton would win by a wide margin. As you probably know, that didn’t happen. Trump won the Electoral College, in turn capturing the presidency in improbable fashion.
However, the news of Trump’s victory was not particularly well received, and people took to the internet and the streets to voice their distress. At high schools and colleges across America, students left class to protest. In California, protesters shut down a major highway. Thousands of people let their displeasure be known on social media. NFL wide receiver Mike Evans kneeled for the national anthem before a game. Portland, Oregon was engulfed in riots. In the weeks following the election, acts of protest seemed ubiquitous. However, the hatred of Donald Trump wasn’t the only thing binding these acts together.
Think about all the most influential protest movements in American history. The Civil Rights movement. The fight for women’s suffrage. The anti-war movement of the 1960’s and 70’s. All had a clear objective they were trying to achieve. The Civil Rights pioneers were striving to ensure equal rights for African Americans. The women’s suffrage movement protested for the right for women to vote. The anti-war movement tried to bring an end to U.S. military involvement in Vietnam. What is the objective of the anti-Trump protests that have swept the nation?
There is none. The anti-Trump protests have no discernible purpose or goal. All protesters are doing is letting the general public know that they are disappointed with the result of the election. Donald Trump will be President of the United States, he will be our president, and protesters yelling statements to the contrary will not change that fact.
The general purpose of the protests isn’t the only thing that is confusing, as it appears that many of the protesters failed to vote in the general election. According to The Oregonian, about a third of the people arrested in the Portland riots didn’t vote. Mike Evans, a resident of Florida, also didn’t vote, in a state that Trump won by the skin of his teeth. If you feel so compelled as to protest the result of the election, then why did you not take the effort to register to vote? All in all, the anti-Trump protests are preposterous. The protesters should be ashamed for taking to the streets for what is the protest equivalent of a twitter rant.