Other Holiday-Season Traditions/Holidays


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Although there is a Christian majority in the U.S., there are also many other diverse religions in our own community. People who don’t celebrate Christmas have other traditions that they celebrate with their family on, before or after Christmas Day

Starting from July until August, Muslims celebrate Ramadan, which is when the Muslims fast for a month in the beginning and then have a big feast at the end to celebrate, called Greater Eid. Muslims celebrate these holidays for prayer and animal sacrifice for God. It also symbolizes when Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son, to show his devotion to God.

“I celebrate Christmas with my other cousins,” sophomore Samir Iqbal said. Iqbal is Islam and not a Christian, but he still celebrates with his cousins, who are Christian.

During Hanukkah, which is a Jewish holiday, people celebrate with an eight-day celebration that starts on December, 24 this year. It celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, purity over adulteration and spirituality over materiality. During Hanukkah, traditionally, every night you light a new candle to add to the Menorah (which is described in the Bible as the seven-lamp [six branches] ancient Hebrew lampstand made of pure gold) you open that amount of presents. For example, on the first day you light one candle and open one present, then the day after, you add one more candle and, since there are two candles now, you open two presents. However, in the 21st century different people have different traditions for their holiday.

Junior Talia Enav does all traditional customs plus her own family traditions. Along with lighting the Menorah every night, they also play dratel, and make latkes. However, something different and special Enav does with her family is going out to eat Chinese food on Christmas Day.

“Usually, because everyone is in their houses, and everything outside is empty, we go to the movies and get chinese food every Christmas.” Enav said.

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