Club Leaders Respond to 2016 Election


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As world leaders scramble to prepare for a shift in the U.S. presidency, club leaders within LB are actively responding to changes that may accompany the Trump administration.
The Green Club is an LB organization formed with the intent to spread awareness of environmental issues, as well as to engage in service projects involving the cause. Many policies proposed by president-elect Donald Trump do not align with Green Club’s mission, forcing senior club president Ryley Crow to adapt to the change.
“We’re using this election as motivation to keep going,” Crow said. “Instead of sitting back and saying, ‘There’s nothing we can do,’ we’re getting out there and doing what we can to make a difference.”
Crow said that because Green Club works within the LB community, their mission is immune to the changing political climate.
“Whether it’s planting trees or working with our partner company,” Crow said, “The Green Club is continuing to take action.”
The Gender and Sexuality Association (GSA) is another club at LB that focuses on the recognition and acceptance of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Following the election, many of president-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet appointments have expressed disapproval of same-sex marriage, causing distress within the LGBTQ+ community. Despite the threat of significant policy changes, junior GSA-member Emma Pirozzi said she maintains her stance on the issues.
“We’re trying to go on with business as usual,” Pirozzi said. “The GSA is supposed to be a safe space, so we have to maintain that.”
Pirozzi said that the GSA ensures that all members have an equal opportunity to use their voice.
“A lot of people think that they’re just one person and it doesn’t make a difference, but that’s not true,” Pirozzi said. “It’s important that everyone does their part, because collectively it can make a change.”
One of the associations most directly impacted by this year’s election is LB’s Young Democrats. Junior Lara Negron said that, though the club is inclusive to all opinions, the primary mission is to push for political action that supports the Democrats’ platform. Though Republicans hold control in both Congress and the executive positions, the Young Democrats remain persistent.
“I believe the members of the club are still willing to fight,” Negron said. “No matter the president elected, we’re still viable members of a society that values voice and differing views.”
The common denominator in these various clubs is clear: LB students are motivated to make a difference in their community, regardless of national politics.
“It is my job and the job of all teenagers to take charge of our future,” Negron said.

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