Storks at School

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Storks at School

Rodbod Bagheri, Staff Writer

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Most students walk into class, expecting their teacher to be sitting at their desk. There are obviously exceptions to this; teachers are allowed roughly ten sick days a school year. But a rarer, longer period of absence occurs when a teacher takes a maternity leave. When a teacher takes a maternity leave, they’re usually absent for the rest of the school year to prepare and care for their child.

Students are often the most affected by this absence because they have to deal with an entirely new teacher’s style and personality. Last year, about four substitute teachers taught while world history teacher Jennifer Adams was on maternity leave.

“There was a lot less work than usual because subs are a lot more hesitant to give out work, which made the school year a little more easy,” sophomore Mia Griffin said.

One of the biggest worries amongst students is if the substitutes are up to the task.

“What I’m doing is making a weekly plan for my substitute so they know approximately what to do for each week that I’m gone,” Spanish teacher Dana Ouart said. “The substitute I found is also a retired teacher, so he knows how to prepare and plan things on his own.”

But what happens if their maternity leave lasts longer than expected?

“I really want things to go well for the students while I’m gone,” Ouart said. “I don’t want to leave them in the lurch in any way. So if something were to happen, the sub would have a way to get in contact with me.”

Being substitute for such a long time can be difficult.

“I’m lucky because I’ve been a teacher at Lake Braddock before,” math substitute Linda Greten said. She subbed from the beginning of the school year until the second of October. “For a long time I’ve been a math teacher, so I’ve been working with teachers before, and we’ve been working together, so I know what to do and how to do it.”

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