Welcoming the Korean Language


Nancy Nguyen, Staff Editor

With already five languages here at Lake Braddock, the students now have a sixth choice of enrolling in Korean. Started with a club sponsored by History teacher Jocelyn Cable, it is now an opportunity for students to learn the language.
“We wanted to start a club here because at the time there were no korean culture anywhere, food, language, etc,” junior David Park said.”By starting this club, we were hoping to at least spread some culture around the school.”
Junior Emily Hong’s mother is in the PTSA and she is one of the parents involved with the school decision makings. In fact, she is the president of the committee who pushed forward the language.
“My mom and I went around and talked to the principle Dave Thomas then to Judith Edwards about the idea asking them if they were on board,” Hong said.” My mom then went around to different Korean Associations asking them to come to Lake Braddock to have a meeting with Mr Thomas to bring light onto the subject.”
Director of Student Services Alka Howard handles potential new classes. She is in charge of supervising the school council, overall testing, working with the principle on staffing and also the person who does the master schedule for the school.
“Anything that the school do, the school board will have to approve the school regulation, processes that we have to follow,” said Howard.”As for Korean, the language already excited within the county, so our instructional council will get together to review the class, to discuss and then vote on the class.”
Based on what you are requesting, and seeing if it already enlisted in the county or if it is a whole new course being introduced.
“Once it is approved, our principle will send out a voting poll, either in the meeting or electronically, and if it approved by the instructional council, then all of the paperworks start.” said Howard.
Howard says that she is in charge of completing the paperworks containing that particular class, then forwarding it that it has been approved to the principle.

“I am glad that Korean being a language here at LB is great, I would of have loved to have taken it to learn more Korean if it were an option for me in eighth grade,” said Park.
Park has finished his three years of a language here at the school, in which he took Spanish.
“In my opinion, many people will enjoy the language because many have asked me to teach them Korean, now they have the option to learn it.”