Braddock Relays 2018

Alexandra Scarber, Staff Writer

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Relay races under the lights translated to a non traditional cross country race that doubled as a fundraiser for the cross country team. The annual Braddock Relays took place September 16. Community races started the event and chance ticket raffles were drawn throughout the event. Members of the cross country team sold chance tickets for $5 each, and the prizes included an Apple watch, Cava gift cards, and PR giftcards. The community races offer an open 2,500 meter race for runners of all ages, an eighth grade and under 2500 meter race, sixth grade and under 800 meter race, and a fourth grade and under 400 meter race. After the friendly for fun runs, the high school cross country teams get down to business. There were three open races per gender before the relays began. By the time the relays started around 7:00 p.m., the sun had set, and the course was only lit by the football field lights, as well as generator powered lights. Eleven girls teams and twelve boys teams participated; each team was able to enter up to three relays for each gender. Each relay consisted of five runners who raced the 2,500 meter course or 1.5 miles. The lead leg started off for each relay and the baton was exchanged from the incoming led to the outgoing leg 5 times at the start line which was also the finish line of the course. Lake Braddock won the A and B relays for each gender, the C relay for boys, and got second place in the girls C relay, losing by 6 seconds.

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