Chasing her sister’s legacy


Sophie is a state champion runner who is very accomplished so Kristen is often compared to her sister.


Kirsten and Sophie are able to bond over a common love for swimming. Both swam for the LB team as well as on the summer Burke Station team. Swimming has brought the two closer.
Kirsten and Sophie are able to bond over a common love for swimming. Both swam for the LB team as well as on the summer Burke Station team. Swimming has brought the two closer.

SwimThe crowd goes wild. Sophie Chase has just broken a record, again. With scholarships from Stanford, one of the best running careers at Lake Braddock, a speech at graduation, Sophie sets a standard for excellence in both academics and extracurricular. One person that is affected by this is her younger sister, sophomore Kirsten Chase.

“My sister is my best friend, I know that I can go to her to talk about anything that is going on in my life and I feel especially being away from her at college now our relationship has gotten even stronger,” Sophie said.

Since Sophie’s leaving, Kirsten has definitely been affected at home and at school.

“Definitely her leaving made me more independent at school and at my house, and it has definitely made me take on a serious role as the oldest kid in the house,” Kirsten said.

Now more than ever, Kirsten has another role to fulfill as a role model for her younger brother, freshman Evan Chase.

“Most people who know me would say I’m hardworking,” Kirsten said, “and I’m close with my brother so I try to set a good example for him.”

Not only has she been accepting her role at home, Chase has changed her own goals to try to do well.

“While I want to meet the expectations that [Sophie] set for herself, I don’t want to do exactly what she did,” Kirsten said. “I’m definitely more artistic than she is, but I want to get into a good college like her.”

The heightened expectations do not stop there. Kirsten’s parents hold her to slightly higher expectations now that Sophie’s gone.

“My parents have high expectations for me, but they don’t pressure me to do things that Sophie did,” Chase said. “They let me explore my own interests, which is good because I’m not a good runner.”

Nevertheless, even though Kirsten sees herself as separate from her sister, there are still some things that Kirsten wishes she could accomplish.

“[Sophie’s] very athletic, and while I swim, I’m nowhere near her level in sports,” Chase said. “But I don’t compare myself to her because there are a lot of things that I can do that she can’t.”

Many people still remember Kirsten as Sophie’s little sister, even calling her “Little Chase.”

“It helps me sometimes when I’m meeting new people,” Chase said. “Other times, it can get annoying since people don’t even know my name. But I got used to it.”

On the other hand, Sophie hopes that her influence helps Kirsten create her own path.

“I hope that Kirsten is impacted by me in a positive way,” Sophie said. I don’t think anyone should ever make her feel like she has to follow the path I took in high school. She is such a strong, beautiful, social and positive girl and will create her own path. She may choose to accomplish very different things then me and I believe that all that she accomplishes will be just as meaningful.”

Now that Sophie has gone to college, the loss has had a heavy impact on Kirsten.

“She was always someone I could talk to because she went through a lot of the stuff I’m going through now,” Chase said. “Now, teachers that Sophie had ask me if I’m Sophie’s little sister and always ask me if I run too.”

As an inspiration to Kirsten, Sophie gives some final inspirational words to her younger sister.

“Be true to who you are, don’t ever let anyone tell you any different and don’t ever let anyone try to change you,” Chase said. “Be proud of who you are and always keep your head up and smile.”