Should Senator Ted Cruz’s actions be praised?


Congressman Peter King is not alone in the belief that Ted Cruz is solely responsible for the recent government shutdown by virtue of his faux filibuster against the Affordable Care Act. Even Cruz’s own Republican Party has turned against him, leaving him and a select few conservatives to fight for themselves. While the claim can be debated, no doubt remains that Cruz is one of a dying breed of politicians who are willing to (quite literally) stand up for his own and his fellow Texan’s beliefs. Cruz has fulfilled the obligation for an elected politician to represent his constituents even when it goes against the ebbs and flows of the political game.

How did politicians in America get to a point where they prioritize self-interests and fundraising rather than the will of the people? Take for example, the recent issue of gun control. In late May of 2013, a Reason-Rupe poll showed that only 33 percent of Americans felt that the Senate should debate gun control legislation, while 62 percent said the Senate should move on to other issues. So then, why did President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continue to pursue the issue? Furthermore, suspicious campaign donations like those of Sheldon Adelson to numerous GOP candidates clearly represent the monetary manipulations in politics.

Self interest like that of Reid’s and Feinstein’s and the questionable campaign donations of Adelson plague our government. Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell’s solution would do our political system justice.

“It is so important to get the influence of money out of politics,” he said, “because if you get the influence of money out of politics, we will get people who actually vote their conscience.”

Cruz’s filibuster from Sept. 23-24 was intent on warning discerning Americans of the dangers of the Affordable Care Act. His actions and bravery ought to be admired by the American people. Despite his understanding of the consequences of his filibuster, he stood and spoke for 21 hours on a topic his constituents feel passionate about. Senator Diane Feinstein, a Democrat from California and Cruz’s polar opposite, proposed and argued for new gun control measures she believed would alleviate America’s issue of gun violence. While people are free to support or refute the arguments she brought to the Senate floor, her courage to speak on a big issue is something to admire.

Even if Cruz is responsible for a government shutdown, Americans should, regardless of political affiliation, admire Cruz’s courage to fight for American principles like freedom and liberty.