From Radford to Harvard, Edwards eyes college opportunities

All students can learn and are encouraged to pursue lifelong dreams and goals. Motivational speaking like this is what Judith Edwards says to all LB high school students as they discover what they want to be after high school. Stepping foot in her office, you are struck by all the inspiring posters stating easy quotes such as “You can do it” to stimulate high school students to graduate and achieve their goals.


“I truly believe there is a future for everyone no matter who you are or what you are searching for in life,” Edwards said.


The LB Career Center can be described as the library of opportunities and has been run by Edwards for the past 12 years. The Career Center has resources to teach all high school students to utilize special skills to prepare themselves for college, the military and the workforce. Edwards teaches students how to get jobs, how to apply for financial aid such as FAFSA and how to seek better opportunities in life.


“My job is to help students prepare for life after high school,” Edwards said. “I also speak to parents so they also understand how to help their children prepare for their future.”


LB is one of the most highly respected high schools in the county, Edwards said, and so many different opportunities are presented in each email that is sent from the Career Center to every high school student.


“LB is visited by 120 colleges around the country so seniors can have the opportunity to see what colleges they would consider going to,” Edwards said. “Students don’t realize that at LB so many opportunities are offered to make you successful. That’s what’s so great about this school compared to other schools in Fairfax County; it’s a great school.”


At the beginning of every week, Edwards receives emails from a variety corporations offering up different community service opportunities, job openings, camp programs, college visits and other activities for students.


“By sending all the emails, I’m doing my job. I know I’m considered the spam lady of LB, but if students don’t look at the emails they are only hurting themselves,” Edwards said. “I only suggest opening it, reading it, and if you don’t like it, click delete. You don’t lose anything if you just read what might benefit you.”


One university that Edwards is highly associated with is Virginia Tech, which visits LB every year to communicate with seniors about attending the university.  Edwards said that if Virginia Tech is your dream school then you are encouraged to become “best friends” with her. Though she advocates for LB students every chance she gets regardless of your choice of university.


“I often advocate so much about LB students,” said Edwards. “I’m connected to everyone in the world so that’s where all the endless emails come from.”


Edwards has connected to many students at LB, some have already graduated because of Edwards determination in guiding them. The experience from seeing a student begin freshman year to the time of graduation, is the time that Edwards says that they have finally made it, one step closer to living their dreams.

“I consider my job like helping students solve their puzzle every day,” Edwards said. “There is nothing better than seeing a ninth grade student starting off solving their own puzzle on what they want to do in life to being able to put all the pieces together by the time they graduate and have it all figured out.”