Mural shows changing lives of students


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One distinct feature that stands out as students walk through the art pod is the eclectic mix of high school and middle school student work that decorates the walls. While the majority of the art designs change year round, one piece has remained since last year: the art club’s The Evolution of a Bruin mural. It stretches in the space between english teacher Kelly McMillan’s room and goes to the vending machines that stand at the end of the wall, and it is not quite finished yet.

“The plans for it started about two years ago but they were implemented last year and we are hoping  to finish it this year,” art teacher Deborah Fitzgerald said , who runs the club.

Using a multitude of colors the mural depicts different scenes about high school and everything that goes into it, from sports to classwork and music.

“The title of the mural is The Evolution of a Bruin and it was to show the transformations of a student from seventh grade through senior year,” Fitzgerald said.

The students who have been working on the mural are a mix of students from all grades, but there was a core group of current high-school students who did the majority of the work. One of these students was sophomore Christine Campbell. “I’ve been working on the mural since last year,” Campbell said, “It’s a fun way to relax after-school while learning more about art and creating something for the school.”

Unfortunately, the process of making the mural has not been easy.There have been several setbacks in the process of making the mural, putting it slightly behind schedule.

“Lack of time has been one of the setbacks,” junior Constance Polnow said, “But not following a plan in past years has also been a setback, but this year we are following a plan.”

Senior Moonisha Rahman agrees that there has not been enough time in the past to work, but also cites another reason.

“There [has not been enough] members to be able to finish quickly,” Rahman said.

But this lack of time has not stopped the students of the art club and they hope to have this great project done by the end of the year as well as have it up for the student population to see.

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