The Bear Facts


The Bear Facts is an independent, student-run newspaper serving the students, the faculty and the Lake Braddock community as an open forum for student expression. Unsigned editorials reflect the opinion of the editorial board and unless otherwise noted are written by a member of the staff. The editorial board solicits responsible commentaries and letters to the editors but reserves the right to edit for style, grammar or lack of space. Letters and commentaries containing obscenity, racial slur or libelous comments will not be published. A letter will not be excluded from the newspaper solely because it conflicts with the views of the newspaper or past or current editorials. All letters must be signed by the author, or they will not be published. Advertising inquiries can be referred to The Bear Facts is located in room L202 and can be reached by calling (703) 426-1087. Responses may also be emailed to To alert the The Bear Facts of a story or provide your feedback, send an email to