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Change to Bruin Block ignites controversy

Physics teacher Bill Meyers assists his students during a Wednesday free choice Bruin Block period.

Megan Cantwell and Dinali Dassanayaka

October 7, 2014

The ring of students’ laughter echoes through the empty hallways as the bell rings. Students frantically run to their destinations while clutching all their heavy textbooks in their arms and hauling their massive backpacks on their shoulders. The sound of the bell fades away as the students quickly...

Students to be assigned Bruin Block locations

Ryan Mullins, Web Editor

August 27, 2014

Bruin Block: the largely helpful,  study hall-like block of time given to students, has been used to its fullest extent over the years. Whether to complete homework, receive assistance from teachers for a specific class or to make up missing work, Bruin Block has proven almost essential to a large ma...